ICYMI: A day with the Statesman Editorial Board

Idaho Statesman
By Robert Ehlert
August 13, 2015

Sen. Mike Crapo, like the rest of the Idaho congressional delegation, is back in the state this month connecting with constituents. All four congressional Republicans will be making appearances, going on radio talk shows and coming in to visit Ed Boards like ours.

If was two years ago at this time I challenged our delegation to do more open-ended town hall meetings. My idea of a town hall — which isn’t everybody’s idea — is a face-to-face meeting to listen to constituents’ concerns and field their questions. No filters. No avoiding potential protesters. No cultivating only “friendly” venues. I used Rep. Raul Labrador’s town halls as a good example because he is known for orchestrating such opportunities up and down his district.

After some back and forth with Crapo’s office, they seemed to take the challenge to heart. I attended a Crapo town hall in Caldwell a few months later, and the senator informs me that he has been hitting the road all over the state ever since.

His office identified about 200 incorporated areas around the state, and Crapo says they are at about No. 115 on the list in their quest. Good for him.

Addressing crowds ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred, Crapo says Idahoans are well-informed and favor issues such as the government and deficits — both of which, they tell him, are growing too fast: “They’re concerned that we are losing the America we know and love.”

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