Idaho Statesman: Idaho’s Congressional Delegation Unhappy with Obama budget

By: Sen. Mike Crapo –

Sen. Mike Crapo: “The President’s budget … seeks to undo the only fiscal restraints that he, himself, has signed into law in recent years, reversing any chance of producing the kind of balanced budget that the American people want and deserve.

“Our massive national debt hurts the economy and job growth and will only worsen over time if we continue to ignore the very real threat posed to our country’s future prosperity by Washington’s haphazard tax and spend policies. The president’s continued unwillingness to work with Congress, already vowing to reject any budget proposal that does not increase spending, is a far cry from the kind of leadership needed if we are ever to begin paying down our debt.”

Sen. Jim Risch: “Idahoans know that the more the federal government intervenes in the economy and private sector, the worse things get for the American people. This budget paints a bleak picture for job creators and American families. We will work hard to try to bring some Idaho common sense to this monster budget.”

Congressman Raul Labrador: “President Obama has again ignored the message voters sent in November. His tone-deaf $4 trillion budget increases both spending and taxes. The president makes no attempt to live within our means. Instead he proposes raising the national debt by nearly $6 trillion over the next decade, on top of the $18 trillion burden already saddling future generations.”

Congressman Mike Simpson: After last month’s State of the Union address, Simpson said Obama wants to “throw hundreds of billions of dollars” at new programs, while Republicans want to continue progress on reducing the deficit and creating new jobs. “I look forward to the coming debate … and to a Republican agenda that puts the priorities of American families ahead of failed policies of the past.”

Statesman staff