The Times News: Senator Crapo: Pressing On

By: Sen

Considerable work is required in the 114th Congress to build the foundation for a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth. Improving our nation’s economic wellbeing – which includes reforming our badly broken tax code, reforming entitlement programs to ensure their solvency and establishing powerful budget controls – remains my No. 1 priority. In the 114th Congress, I will use my committee assignments on the Senate Budget Committee; Senate Finance Committee; Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee; Senate Environment and Public Works Committee; and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs to make progress on these and other efforts of importance to Idahoans.

As a returning member of the Senate Budget Committee and utilizing bipartisan answers on debt reduction sought as a member of the Bowles Simpson Commission and the Senate’s “Gang of Six,” I look forward to working with my colleagues to develop balanced budgets that will stop our unsustainable growth of debt…

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