The Times News: Crapo, Risch Sound Federal Debt Alarm to Idaho Lawmakers


BOISE | Idaho’s two Republican U.S. senators told Idaho lawmakers Feb. 17, that the mounting national debt is a threat to America’s future.

“The financial condition of this country is absolutely horrible,” Sen. Jim Risch told the state’s House of Representatives.

Sen. Mike Crapo said the interest payments on the national debt will in eight years be greater than the U.S. defense budget if current trends continue.

“We are facing an incredibly critical danger in the country from refusing to (address) our national debt,” Crapo said.

Today’s $18 trillion debt will be $20 trillion when President Barack Obama leaves office, said Risch, comparing the U.S. to Egypt, Greece, and Rome, powerful empires in classical times.

“All three of these countries are broke,” Risch said. “They’re on the street with a tin cup.”

Crapo said he is glad, though, that the U.S. Senate has had a Republican majority since January, and sounded optimistic the chamber will be more productive…

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