Senator Crapo attends gun show, condemns executive order

KBOI 2 News
January 9, 2016

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) made a stop at this weekend’s gun show at Expo Idaho – making it a point to condemn President Obama’s executive order on gun laws.

“The problem here is not that too many Americans have the second amendment right to bear arms,” Sen. Crapo said. “The problem is that we’re not dealing with the true causes of violence in our society, and are directing the attention, the focus away from those kinds of solutions.”

Sen. Crapo said the President should focus his efforts on finding more effective ways to detect and treat mental illness.

The Senator said he is already drafting legislation that would stop the executive order. A move he believes many Idahoans will agree with.

This weekend’s gun show at Expo Idaho will be the last, at least for the for-seeable future.

Ada County Commissioners voted to put the shows on hold after two accidental firearm discharges in three years.

Commissioners want to increase gun-security before they allow the shows to continue.

“We’ve decided that we needed to go back, look at the contract, tighten it up and ask for a higher level of liability from the promoter and vendors,” said Rick Yzaguirre, an Ada County Commissioner.

The County’s decision didn’t stop people from coming out to the fairgrounds Saturday for the “Lewis Clark Trader Gun Show.”

But extra security was on hand to help keep an eye on things.

Commissioners said they allowed this weekend’s show to go on because promoters had already spent money to advertise for the event.

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