Crapo introduces veterans healthcare reform bill

October 4, 2016

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is spearheading a bill to cut through government red tape in the name of veteran healthcare.

The goal of the “Care in the Community Act” is to make it easier for the Department of Veterans affairs to send vets to local communities for healthcare.

By consolidating existing and sometimes competing programs, Crapo says the bill is a reaction to existing nationwide problems with the V.A.

It all comes after meeting with Idaho veterans and listening to their concerns.

“We’ve gotten a much deeper understanding of what the needs are that our veterans have. One of the biggest concerns that they have is making sure they can get the prompt access to healthcare when they need it without going through a very complex bureaucracy,” said Crapo.

The program allows vets living more than 40 miles from a V.A. facility to schedule private care.

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