Senator Crapo works to bridge healthcare gap for local veterans

August 4, 2016


Idaho State Senator Mike Crapo heard emotional concerns from local veterans’ Wednesday. One of the biggest concern expressed by vets was the lack of healthcare for them here in the LC Valley.

“I want my son taken care of, but then I want the veterans taken care of who don’t show up, who don’t have the support system, who don’t have a mom to fight for them,” said Cathy Zeller.

An emotional mother speaks out in front on dozens of people at a meeting with Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. The topic of the discussion…veteran benefits and support.

“These soldiers are tired of telling their stories over and over again,” said Zeller.

Cathy Zeller’s son is a disabled U.S. Army veteran. For decades her son had customized leg braces that helped him walk. But recently, there were some cut-backs in his medical care. He can no longer get the custom-fit braces he needs.

“They’re tired, they are weary, they just want the help and medications and things they need,” said Zeller.

Doc Kinney is a Vietnam Veteran who has dedicated his life to helping his brothers and sisters in arms. He said many veterans are committing suicide because they are not getting the help they need.

“When you have a 95-year old man…warrior…World War II vet that is very highly decorated right here in the valley that tried to commit suicide, that is not fair…that is not fair at all,” said Doc Kinney.

Senator Crapo is an advocate for veterans to make sure they’re getting the proper help they deserve. He said he’s working on trying to bridge the healthcare gap for those who served our country.

“We have increased the funding for our veterans by over 76-percent in just the last 7 or 8 years and there will be a continued focus on providing the resources necessary to help our veterans,” said Senator Crapo.

Senator Crapo says he’s also working on a plan to allow veterans to have the choice of getting private sector healthcare in their own community.