U.S. Senator Crapo introduces veterans’ health care reform bill

October 4, 2016

BOISE – “I was struggling every day. I just didn’t want to have to get anybody involved. Quite a while, for quite a while. I’m going to say a long time,” said Daniel Pugmire, United States Veteran.

Daniel Pugmire had some major health issues and he says his body began to deteriorate.

“I got real thin and frail and sick as heck and I was willing to die for my country. All I’m asking for is to be treated with a fair shake on my healthcare,” said Pugmire.

Daniel says he couldn’t get the health care he needed.  When his wife finally couldn’t handle it anymore, she decided to call Senator Mike Crapo for help.

“And she went crazy. She was tired of her husband not doing very well and tired of the healthcare system and as soon as she called Senator Crapo’s office, they jumped all over it,” said Pugmire.

Daniel says within two weeks, he was able to get the surgery he desperately needed, but he doesn’t think its right he had to go use Senator Crapo to get what he is entitled to.

The senator has introduced federal legislation to reform veteran’s healthcare.

“What I see what’s going to happen is that I can go to my healthcare in my local community, if the V.A. doesn’t have it available for thirty days, they’ll send me to my own city and I can get it done with a doctor that I have confidence in to get it done,” said Pugmire.

If passed, the hope is, it would allow veterans to see private healthcare providers.

“Him proposing this bill is going to be a game changer and a big change for veterans like myself that do have that issue; they won’t have to get the senator involved. They can actually just, it will be done and it’s in writing and they can get the healthcare that they deserve, that they fought for,” said Pugmire.

The “Improving Veterans Care in the Community Act,” would allow veterans who live more than 40 miles away from a V.A. facility to schedule private care through the Choice Program.